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Flowers…Oh and I won… April 28, 2010

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Took some pictures yesterday of some flowers, trying to work on my composition. Also I entered a contest on MCP Actions website and I won! Holy crap!! I never win anything. You can see what I won here.

The following flower pictures are pretty much SOOC, except for a resize and sharpen.

F/2.5, SS: 1/160, ISO: LO 0.3

F/2.8, SS: 1/640, ISO: LO 0.3

F/2.8, SS: 1/1000, ISO: LO 0.3

F/2.8, SS: 1/250, ISO: LO 0.3

F/6.3, SS: 1/100, ISO: LO 0.3


Nature… April 8, 2010

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Tried my hand at some Nature Photography today, I also decided today that I was going to start portfolio building. So far I am pretty sure I have one session set up for the 30th of this month. I hope I do well!

SOOC: F/7.1 SS: 1/80 ISO:200

Edit in PS, sharpen and resize, levels

SOOC: F/3.2 SS: 1/1250 ISO:200

Edit using PS: Levels, Curves, resize and sharpen

SOOC: F/3.2 SS: 1/1000 ISO:200

Edit using PS

SOOC: F/4.5 SS:1/100 ISO:200

Edit using PS

SOOC: F/4.0 SS:1/640 ISO:200

Edit using PS