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Harley my latest subject… April 30, 2010

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A friend of mine just purchased a new motorcycle last week. He kindly asked me to take pictures of it for him and well of course I agreed. Some of the photos I really like and others not so much. I also learned a lesson, ALWAYS check your ISO first before you start shooting. I had last set my ISO high and never checked it before taking these pictures. Frustrating! Most of the pictures are SOOC minus slight level adjustments. A few of the photos I ran actions on and was very pleased with the end result. Picture overload!

F/4, SS:1/320, ISO:1250

F/4, SS:1/125, ISO:1250

F/5.6, SS:1/160, ISO:1250

F/5.6, SS:1/125, ISO:1250

Edit Photoshop CS4-Vintage Action

F/5.6, SS:1/160, ISO:1250

Edit using photoshop CS4- action Heartland

F/5.6, SS:1/320, ISO:1250

Edit using Photoshop CS4-B&W Action


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